Plínio Virgílio Genz was initiated at Campos Salles Lodge in 1979, where he was Master of the Lodge, being named Assistant District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of South America Northern Division. He was a great researcher and Masonic writer, having participated actively in all the Progressive Orders established in the District. He was also act as District Third Grand Principal, Deputy District Grand Master of Mark Master Mason, and Provincial Vice-Chancellor.


For all the contributions made to English Freemasonry in Brazil, it was decided to honor the historical and cultural collection made available by English Mason’s Hall in Brazil with its name.





Our library has many specific titles available for physical and virtual consultations. There are several books covering the areas of culture, history, practices, and ritual of English Freemasonry. The physical collection is available for consultation and loan at the English Masons Hall in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The virtual collection has access to all subscribing members of the District and its associated Orders.






A historic collection of aprons, medals, documents, and memorabilia from English Freemasonry in Brazil are available for visitation and online consultation. A collection that brings together pieces that tell us about the history of English Masonic work in Brazil, such as the charter that authorized the operation of the first Lodges formed by Englishmen until the famous warrant that allowed the foundation of this District Grand Lodge.





With a history of almost 200 years in Brazil, English Masonry has collected a series of documents and historical archives about its activities. The documents are a permanent part of the collection and are available for online consultation for all subscribing members of the District and its associated Orders. In addition, documents and forms are also available that will assist the secretaries of all units of the English Orders in Brazil.



Freemasonry presents its own unique set of challenges in this respect as the group of people that the new member is joining are very close knit, and have often known one another for years if not decades! The rituals and traditions we all take for granted are complex and follow a unique set of rules which will seem very strange to an outsider if not properly explained.


It is therefore vital that from the very outset, one suitably experienced and knowledgeable Brother takes ownership of ensuring that the new Freemason is introduced to the Order in a controlled and supported way so that his first few years in the Craft are an enjoyable and intellectually fulfilling voyage of discovery.

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